Composition : How I Spent The Last Summer Vacation

How I Spent The Last Summer Vacation

Our school closed for summer on the 20th May. I decided to spend the vacation with my uncle at Gafargaon in Mymensingh. I sought my father’s permission which was at once given. Mother prepared some cakes and noodles for my cousins. I sent a facebook message to my uncle and started for Gafargaon by train the following day. My cousin Robi was present at the station to receive me. Gafargaon is a small town on the right bank of the Brahmaputra.

I spent the days quite happily. I had a pleasant walking along the river back every morning with my cousins and the new friends that I had made. We had many boat trips too in the Brahmaputra. One evening we were caught in a storm and our boat turned upside down. It was so thrilling! We had our bathing and swimming in the river every day. We played football in the field in the afternoon.

My aunt prepared fine meals for me every day. We had plenty of fruit each day. My uncle had an orchard. In the morning we went there and plucked green mangoes. We ate them to our heart’s content.

At last, my vacation came to a close and I had to return home with a heavy heart. Everybody should spend his vacation based on a plan. If the vacation is spent on the basis of a plan, then many pending works may be finished. And if possible one person can do some jobs which will be definitely done after the vacation is over. My spending the last summer vacation leads me to work now sincerely and actively.
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