Composition : My Experience About A Visit To A Fair

My Experience About A Visit To A Fair

On the first day of the Bangla new year, a fair is held at the other end of our village. It continues for a week.

The fair takes place covering a large area. Many temporary stalls are erected and people can have tiffin, sweetmeats, tea and other drinks in these stalls. Many attractive things such as furniture, earthen pots, cheap jars and bamboo-made baskets are available at a cheap price. In the fair, many enjoyable arrangements such as Nagardolas, Jatra parties, circus parties, magic shows are also found.

I collected some money from my father and wet to the fair with my younger brother and sister. At first, we entered a tent to witness the magic show which gave us much pleasure. Then we bought some playthings from the fair. Then we went into the chairs of a nagardola and enjoyed the fun for some time. Next, we paid a visit to a circus party and were delighted to see tigers, lions, monkeys, horses and such other trained animals. Then we started for home as it was getting dark.

My visit to this fair makes me delighted and cheerful. It gives birth to new hope which leads me to work more and more. The visit also widens my mental faculty. At the same time, I came in contact with the village people this very visit also removes my cares and anxieties of everyday life.

A fair is a great recreation to the people of the surrounding areas. So the government should encourage and patronize such fairs.
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