Paragraph : Earthquake Disaster

Earthquake Disaster

Earthquake causes a great disaster. It is a sudden movement of a part of the earth’s surface caused by the deep crack in the earth or by the volcanic eruption. Some regions of the earth are prone to an earthquake while others are comparatively safe from this natural disaster. Some countries like Japan, Iran etc. are frequently hit by an earthquake. Houses and bridges in these countries are built shock-proof. Forecast regarding the occurrence of an earthquake is not possible. A severe earthquake causes widespread destruction of houses and properties. People are crushed under the broken houses. Often several quakes hit a place at short intervals. So after a quake people live in tents on the open field. When a severe quake hits a populous city thousands of people are killed and injured. Many people are trapped in the broken houses and it takes days to rescue them. The only way to get rid of the ravage of this natural disaster is to build houses, bridges, and roads in such a way that they can resist the tremors.

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Earthquake is a sudden and violent shaking of the earth’s surface. It occurs for various reasons : it occurs when the nearby volcanoes emanate lava. Moreover, it there is any fault line under any area, a slight shaking of the earth can cause a great earthquake. In most cases, earthquake occurs because some gases try to come out from the depth of the earth. Earthquake causes a great damage to people and property in the affected areas. If any major earthquake occurs in Bangladesh, most of the buildings in most city areas will be destroyed as they are not built in accordance with an earthquake resistant standard. However, in order to protect us from such an impending danger, we must be conscious about the causes and results of earthquake. We should not build house without the advice of experts so that it can survive in any earthquake. Moreover, the govt. should build a huge number of earthquake-shelter-centres and make the people aware about in impending earthquake through electronic media like radio, TV, etc. so that people can take necessary steps to save themselves.

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