Paragraph : Discipline


Man is a social being. He has to live in society by mixing with others. As a member of society, he has to abide by social rules and regulations. The obedience to social rules and regulations is called discipline. Discipline is a very essential thing for society. In every sphere of life discipline is a must. In schools, colleges and various offices discipline is an imperative necessity. Absence of discipline creates chaos and disorder. For the security of a country, strong defence system is very essential. But if the department of defence runs disorderly, defence system must be weak and it will be impossible then to defend the freedom of the country. So, children should be taught discipline from the school level. A disciplined man can succeed in life. On the other hand, an indisciplined man cannot succeed in life. If we look at nature, we also find everything going orderly. So it is a great virtue. Everyone should practise the virtue of discipline.
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