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Paragraph : River Erosion

River Erosion

Erosion is a process whereby the bank or coastline of a river or a sea is gradually broken and destroyed by the forceful current of water. In Bangladesh, erosion usually takes place by the side of some largest and forceful rivers like the Padma, the Jamuna, the Meghna, etc. Chandpur, Sirajganj, Brahmanbaria are the districts which usually fall into the greedy clutches of river erosion. The main cause of river erosion is the forceful flow of river water. In the rainy season, heavy rainfall also causes erosion by the riverbank. The result of erosion is indescribable. Erosion washes away a vast area of cultivable land, house and social, political, economical, cultural and educational institutions. It causes a great damage to road and rail communication. The people living near the erosion-affected areas have to leave their homes for some safer places. However, we should try to protect our people and land from erosion. Though this is not an easy task, we can protect our erosion-prone riverbanks by building strong embankments with the help of the govt. The government can also play an important role in making people conscious about erosion through TV, radio, newspapers, etc.

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