Composition : Buddha Purnima

Buddha Purnima

↬ Boishakhi Purnima

↬ The Main Religious Festival of the Buddhists Communities in Bangladesh

Apart from the Hindus, there are also two more minority communities in Bangladesh, viz., the Christians and the Buddhists, who also observe different religious festivals of their own. But these festivals never formed part of the mainstream and still today the case in the same. The main festival of the Buddhists is Buddha Purnima or Boishakhi Purnima. The birth of Buddha, his adoption of asceticism, attainment of supreme enlightenment, nirvana-all these occurred on the full-moon lunar day in the month of Boishakh, and hence this is the most important and solemn festival of the Buddhists. It is assumed that the Boishakhi Purnima is being celebrated in Bangladesh with great splendour for more than one thousand years. 

During the colonial rule, Christmas day or the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ was observed ostentatiously, especially in Calcutta. On this occasion, the local converts also arranged various functions. The Christmas festival lasts for a single day. The main components of this festival are special prayers offered in churches, arrangements of feasts and offering of gifts among friends and relatives. Nowadays, the number of Buddhists or Christians in Bangladesh is not very significant, and hence their festivals are also observed somewhat without much fanfare.

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