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Your Shopping Experience

↬ Shopping in a Shopping Mall

Shopping is a daily affair. Every day we do some kind of shopping. Shopping can be special and different on some occasions like Eid, Christmas, Puja, etc. Shopping is more than a daily business to me. In fact, I enjoy shopping in a shopping mall. 

Recently, many shopping malls have emerged in Bangladesh. In divisional cities, especially in Dhaka and Chittagong, there are some super shopping malls. Doing shopping in these shopping malls has become fashionable for many people. On special occasions, I too visit the shopping malls in Dhaka to buy new apparels and electronic goods. 

On Eid occasion, I went to Bashundhara Shopping Complex, a super shopping mall in Dhaka with a view to buying new dresses and apparels. The entire shopping complex is air-conditioned. It is one of the biggest shopping malls not only in Bangladesh but also in South Asia. As I entered the complex, I felt like entering a dreamy world. The entire shopping mall seemed to me to be a quite independent and different world. At first, I felt hesitated about whether I was right to come to the shopping mall. Because with its luxury and glitter, the shopping mall seemed to belong to only the upper-class people of the society. 

However, I went up the fifth floor through a capsule lift. The fifth floor is arranged for fabrics and apparels. Then, with curiosity and passion I began to ransack every store. I wondered that all the stores had the best of the sorts of collections. I could find my desired things in almost every store. But the prices of these things were much higher than I anticipated. I had to do a lot of bargaining to buy my desired articles in a reasonable price. However, there are shops which sell things at a fixed price. Still the prices fixed seemed to be higher for me. 

After a lot of haggling, I bought a few apparels for my family members. I also bought a pant and shirt piece for me. I went to some shops of electronic goods especially, mobile phones. I felt tempted to buy a beautiful mobile set but count not because the shopkeeper hiked a price which was beyond my reach. After having done my shopping, I took some light refreshment at a fast food centre there. 

Shopping in Bashundhara Shopping Complex was a completely new experience for me. I was thrilled and excited to do shopping there. I wish I had so much money to do shopping there regularly.
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