Composition : Christmas Day

Christmas Day

Christmas is the greatest religious festival of Christians all over the world. It is celebrated on the 25th of December every year on the birthday of Jesus Christ. The occasion marks a lot of enthusiasm and festivity. The Christians call it Happy Christmas or Merry Christmas. 

The Christmas day is a holiday in every country of the world. The Christians celebrate the day with colourful programmes in keeping with their traditions. On the day before Christmas, people make all preparations to observe the day. They buy gifts for their near and dear ones. They decorate Christmas tree with lights and checkers. They also prepare special foods like Christmas cake, Christmas pudding, etc. The Christians keep the gifts they receive from well-wishers under the Christmas tree and open them on Christmas morning. 

Christmas day beings with the opening of Christmas gifts. Then they attend the church for prayer. There they sing Christmas carols in group. The enthusiast people wear new and special dress and exchange greetings with each other. Christmas gift is the main feature of the occasion. 

Christianity is the religion of love and sacrifice. The Christmas reflects this spirit. The Christians renew their learning of this spirit. The Christmas festival teachers them the lesson of love, and sacrifice and peace. 

On the occasion, the Christians arrange parties, dinners and functions to celebrate Christmas Day. They meet friends and relatives and exchange greetings with them. They wish a happy Christmas or a Merry Christmas to each other. They celebrate the day with dance, music, drinking and merry-making.

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