Essay : The Freedom of the Press in Democracy

The Freedom of the Press in Democracy

↬ Freedom of Speech Necessary in a Free Society

↬ Freedom of Press

Introduction : Press is a very important mass-media in the modern world. Especially in modern democratic world for public consciousness, press is playing an important role. The present world is known as global village. Press is the best way to know about this whole globe. Without this for understanding about own country and political system, there is no alternative of press. Without freedom of the press, it will not be able to give real news. As a result, freedom of press is necessary for any democratic country. 

Meaning of Freedom of Press : Freedom of press is a very important discussed issue in the modern world. We mean by freedom of press that freedom of publications by media, especially in case of newspapers. 

Meaning of Democracy : The concept of Democracy originated from the Greek worlds Demos and Kratos which means people and power respectively. Democracy thus means the power of the people. 

Importance of Freedom of Press : No democratic system can exist without freedom of press. Freedom of press is an important pre-requisite for democratic system. As: 

1. Organizing People’s View : For organizing people’s view, freedom of press is very important. When press is free it can give people the real news and they can make the right decision and they are organized for real objects. 

2. Expression of Public Opinion : In modern governing system public opinion is very important issue. For the existence of any state, the articulation of public opinion is crying need. Press is the only way to articulate public opinion. As a result, without the freedom of press none will be able to articulate the public opinion. 

3. Ensuring People’s Consciousness : Without people’s consciousness about their right and duty, society will not drive in a proper way. Press can ensure such kind of consciousness among the people of the country. 

4. Securing Human Rights : No society can develop without securing human rights. For ensuring this human right, press can play a vital role. 

5. Development of the society : For the development of society freedom of press also plays an important role. Because press can ensure the real situation when it is in freedom. 

6. Reducing Corruption : Press is the glass of society. It gives the picture of a society. Especially, in modern world press is very alert and conscious about corruption. So, when press is free, it can give the real news of the society, and the authority can take the proper measures against corruption. 

7. Driving the State and Government : In the modern world press is known as the ‘Fourth State’. For the development of any state, there is no alternative of freedom of press. 

8. Articulation of National Goal : Every state has some objectives and views for the articulation. Especially, every state wants to ensure the development and welfare for the situation of the people of that nation. A free press can drive the state to this way and it fulfills the will of the nation in a short period. 

Problems of Freedom of Press : Though freedom of press is an essential matter, but in case of irresponsible journalism or press freedom creates some problems in the modern world. As: 

1. Worng Information : For the cause of freedom, press can give public news without real document, this type of wrong information creates harmful condition at different times. 

2. Instability : Different time press gives a huge number of wrong information, it causes instability in the society. This is also a vital problem relating to press freedom. 

3. Irresponsibility : In modern time, press is not responsible all times. From the benefit of freedom sometimes media gives irresponsible news. This type of irresponsibility and wrong information causes a great harm for society and that is always harmful for the nation. 

Conclusion : Freedom of press is very important in the modern world. Without the freedom of press the state, the society everything is on threat. For the welfare of the society and the development of democratic system, none can deny the importance of freedom of press. Especially, modern democracy is fully meaningless without the freedom of press.

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A press is the symbol of a free people. An independent well-informed press is a powerful check on arbitrary governments and irresponsible (দায়িত্ব জ্ঞানহীন) administrators. For Newspapers are agents of publicity which bring to the notice of the people acts of injustice or oppression or maladministration (প্রশাসনিক ব্যর্থতা) that would otherwise have remained hidden away (পালাবার স্থান) from public notice.

Newspapers and journals make a very good contribution to the nation and the land so that they may function quite effectively and efficiently (দক্ষতার সাথে). Hence they deserve freedom to highlight the facts and events impartially. A democratic country cannot run without ensuring freedom of the press. As we see the society through the eyes of the journalists, we are baffled (হতবুদ্ধি) to see how the inner happenings of the society are brought to light for necessary measures.

Nowadays, it is difficult for the press to be free. Either a newspaper is controlled by some financial magnates and it has to voice his views; or it is the mouthpiece of party and it must think as the party might direct; or it is under the thumbs of the government and in that case its usefulness is reduced. For whoever controls it necessarily limits its freedom by his own needs and requirements (প্রয়োজন). In America, the great newspapers are in the hands of powerful financial syndicates; in England they are in the hands of capitalists; in Russia they are in the hands of the government. Of course it is maintained with some reason that a people’s government has a greater right to control a newspaper than a private individual or organization. But freedom of the press in each case depends on the way it reflects the will and purpose (উদ্দেশ্য বা পরিকল্পনা) of the people as a whole.

It is a burning issue how freedom of the press can be ensured. Legislation should be the guarantee of the press against interference (অনধিকারচর্চা) by the government. This goes without saying that the press should come up more with focusing look on the matter of interests. Independent-minded editors should have the right to a free expression of opinions and unhampered publication of news-subject only to the limitation that they do not publish abuse. But real freedom of the press is to be ensured by exercising authentic democratic rights and economic emancipation (অর্থনৈতিক মুক্তি). If the people are guaranteed freedom from want, from the fear of unemployment, they can be fearless critics of administrative misdeeds.

Freedom of the press is an essence of human declamation (উদ্দীপ্ত ভাষণ) right. It is a sacred right which should be guarded and protected. Government should own the obligatory maintenance of the security and financial patronage to the press authority. Editors should give priority (অগ্রাধিকার) to the public interest and constructive development of mass opinion on national interest.

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