Essay : Environment Pollution

Environment Pollution

Introduction : Human numbers, wealth, poverty, technology and beliefs are having planet-wide consequences. The energy and agricultural scenarios have several large environmental implications. One of particular concerns in certain chemicals that human activities are releasing into the atmosphere. Some of these chemicals are altering the planet’s temperature regulating system, threatening to change the climate and temperature of whole earth. Others are depleting earth’s protective layer of stratospheric ozone, increasing the amount of dangerous ultraviolet light reaching ground level. Such changes in the atmosphere are responsible for many health hazards, economic losses, ecological imbalance and destruction of natural resources. Thus, the world community is worried about the future of human society itself. 

Air pollution : Air consists of the mixture of gases Oxygen, Nitrogen, Carbon-di-oxide, Nitrus Oxide, Sulfar-di-oxide and many other components. To be healthy for human being and nature all these main components should remain in reasonable proportion as- 
  • Nitrogen-78.02 
  • Oxygen-20.71 
  • Argon-0.80 
  • Water vapour-0.41 
  • Carbon dioxide-0.03 
  • General Gases-0.02 
  • Dust-0.01 
However, for numerous reasons, the proportion of these gases may be disordered, which must create an unhealthy condition in the air. 

Sound pollution : Sound pollution means spoiling calm and serene life by making avoidable and unusual sounds creating by us in our daily life. 

Consequences : 
1. Health Hazards : When motor vehicles pass away whistling loudly, people may be faced with health hazards. 

2. Hypertension, heart disease or heart attack : Even using loudspeakers indiscriminately hypertension or heart disease may have heart attack or stroke if they hear loud sounds. 

3. Mental problem of a baby : Loud sound may affect the mental situation of a baby. 

Land/Soil pollution : Soil pollution means decrease in the necessary components of soil and increase in unexpected components which are harmful to animals and trees. The major sources of soil pollution are wastes such as human wastes, municipal solid waste and industrial waste, chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers used in the agriculture, radioactive wastes, mineral wastes etc. Besides, Polythene and many other disposable plastic goods are degrading the fertility of land. Unplanned construction works, road digging and other development activities are depleting the soil every day. 

Water pollution : Water pollution means change in the quality of the water which then becomes unsafe for human beings and other biological systems. One-third of the world is composed of water of which 97 percent are salty. Even, the remaining 3 percent also are not usable rather 30 percent of sweet water is at the tropical and ice areas. 

Recommended measures : Although the world community is worried about the issue of environmental pollution and a number of programmes, policies and proposals have been made to prevent environmental pollution. However, none of these initiatives has been proved to be effective. 
  1. Public motivation and awareness programmes about the environment should be promoted. 
  2. As the government agencies are seriously handicapped by the inadequacy of personnel, ancillary support, plan and fund, public motivation and awareness programmes, aimed at community-based solutions would be a cost-effective approach in dealing with this massive problem. 
  3. Appropriate technology for better disposal, recycling and resource recovery should be searched, and their technical and financial viability should be assessed. 
  4. Unplanned urbanization and industrialization should be stopped. All unauthorized construction, filling and encroachment should be removed. 
  5. Drainage networks must be kept clear from solid waste, especially polythene bags. Government commitment to ban polythene should come into reality. 
  6. Fines from repeated violation of motor vehicles regulation should be increase and emission standard for all types of vehicles should be established. 
Conclusion : The above discussion shows that environmental pollution has become a threat to our existence on this earth. All the creatures are under the threat of demolition due to change of climate. So, as the best of all creatures, human being should not be indifferent about the situation. We should do our best to protect this earth.

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The thing which makes the world most worried about environment pollution. Our environment comprises the elements that surround us. Air, water, the sun, the moon, weather, climate and everything fall under the category of environment. Environment makes us survive. We get everything from nature to meet the need of our life.

The world is producing millions to tons of domestic rubbish and toxic industrial waste each year, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to find suitable locations to get rid of all the refuse. We know that air is an important element of our environment and our air is polluted by smoke. Man makes fire to cook food, make bricks, melt tar for road construction and to do many other things. Fires create smoke and pollute the air. Railway engines and powerhouses create smoke by burning coal and oil. Mills and factories also belch a lot of smoke. Buses, trucks and cars use petrol and diesel oil. These too emit smoke. All these kinks of smoke pollute the air.

Water, another vital element of the environment, is also polluted in different ways. Man pollutes water by throwing waste into it. Farmers use chemical fertilizers and insecticides in their fields. When rain and floods wash away some of these chemicals, they get mixed with water in rivers, canals and ponds. Mills and factories also throw their poisonous chemicals and waste products into rivers and canals and thus pollute the water.

Sound pollution is another hindrance to a calm and serene life. There are so many disturbing sounds made by man and machines. Making loud sounds without caring for human disturbance is a cognizable offence. People suffering from hypertension or heart disease may have heart attack Greenhouse effect is a recent concept which means the adverse effects caused by the rise in the one of the causes to create imbalance in the climate and it, in turn, helps greenhouse effect to intensity.

Environment is the basis of our existence. To ensure our existence, we should remain free from all sorts of pollution. Government, semi-government, non-government organizations should come forward with the programmes of saving the environment. All of us should remember the importance of the slogan, “Save the environment, ensure the healthier life.”

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