Paragraph : Environment Pollution

Environment Pollution

The environment refers to the air, water, and land in which people, animals, and plants live. All things that make up the environment are interrelated. There prevails harmony among these elements of the environment. But if this harmony is broken, the environment gets polluted. This pollution can occur in many ways. Among various pollutions, air pollution, water pollution, and sound pollution are responsible for our environmental pollution to a large extent. But these pollutions can be controlled. For this reason, mass awareness is to be created. Besides, various laws in this regard are to be applied strictly. If we can do this, we shall be able to ensure a sound environment. But for want of a sound environment man suffer from various diseases. A polluted environment curtails the longevity of human beings on earth. So, a sound environment is a precondition to a healthy life. Hence, to make the world worthy of living, we have to control all kinds of pollution.

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Human beings, animals, plants, air, water, and soil are the main elements of the environment. So, environmental pollution takes place when all these leading elements of the environment are polluted. For example, man makes fire to cook food, make bricks, melt tar for road construction, and to do many other things. Thus fires create smoke which pollutes the air. Besides this, different engines and powerhouses create smoke by burning coal and oil. Air pollution from factories, burning trash, and vehicle fumes cause pneumonia, bronchitis, and other respiratory diseases. Another pollution of the environment is sound pollution. It happens when the sound such as the sound of hydraulic horns and microphone goes beyond the audible capacity of human beings. Sound pollution also has bad effects on us. It causes giddiness, hypertension, deafness etc. Like air and sound, water is also polluted in different ways. When a man throws waste into water and uses chemical fertilizers, insecticides in the fields, water is polluted. Water pollution causes poisoning and various water-borne diseases such as cholera and diarrhoea.

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