Paragraph : Humanity


Humanity means the quality of being human. It relates to the show of kindness, love, rationality, sympathy to our fellows. It is the greatest virtue of man. It has immense significance. We are human beings. We have to depend on each other. Without others’ help, we can not live in society. If anyone of our fellows is in distress, we should show our kind help to them. Our sympathy and fellow feelings can balm the aggrieved soul of others. We should not be cruel to others. These humane behaviours help us to exist on earth. In times of natural disasters, people suffer enormously. Men and animals are killed indiscriminately. At that time, everyone should stand by the distressed people. In the midst of dire necessity, our help, sympathy and pleasing words are essential. So, we should be bound to each other by humanity. Only in that case, peace, amity, friendship and good relation will prevail in our life.
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