Paragraph : Hunger


Hunger is the state of not having enough to eat. It is very painful. Hunger brings weakness of body, mind and health. It may even lead one to death. Hunger is not at all desirable. Nobody wants to be hungry. It is food that satisfies our hunger. Food is our basic need. We can not live without food. It gives us energy and strength to lead our life. Hunger is a feeling. Anyone can express this felling when his body wants food. When a child feels hungry, he cries. An adult also needs food when he feels hungry. Even the animal kingdom satisfies their hunger by eating food. Hunger also creates different problems in our body and mind. A hungry man can not move well. He does not get the strength of mind. A hungry man is an angry man. He becomes fetish and cranky. Even a hungry man does not hesitate to kill his fellows. Hungry animals feed on their own species. Thus, hunger must be removed. Everyone should come forward so that anyone cannot get hungry.
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