Paragraph : National ID Card

National ID Card

National ID Card means national identity card. Every citizen of the developed countries has an ID card. In 2007 the government takes this initiative. the initiative may be called a land mark in Bangladesh. The card is issued by the authority of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Bangladesh Army performs this great mission of preparing ID cards. The card is actually a citizenship card. It bears the name of the citizen, his picture and the other data. It also bears his date of birth. There is an ID card number is the lower portion of the card. A request notice is given on the opposite side of the card. It says, “This card is an asset of the Government of People’s Republic of Bangladesh.” If it is lost, it should be given to the nearest post office. Besides, it bears the complete permanent address of a citizen. Above all, this card is a glimpse on the way of democracy.

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