Paragraph : Poor Relatives

Poor Relatives

Man is a social being. He has to live in society. Everyone in the society has not riches. The wealth and riches should not be the criteria of our relations. We have duties to our poor relatives. They are our part. They also contribute to our happiness and prosperity. We should not abhor them. We should take them as our part We should stand by them in their weal and woe. Poor relatives generally pass time in suffering. If we can show kind help to them, they can get the ray of hope. Our little help can be a source of their immense pleasures. We should not take them as our own. Sometimes poor relatives fight shy of coming in front of us. They suffer from inferiority. There are some people in the society that despise the poor relatives. They think these poor relatives demean their dignity and honour. Really, this trait is against humanity. The rude and insulting behaviour frustrates our poor relatives. None should become so inhuman. We must value our poor relatives and embrace them as our own.
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