Paragraph : Animal Conservation

Write a paragraph on ‘Animal Conservation’ in about 200 words based on the answers to the following questions :

  • What is animal conservation?

  • Which familiar animals are endangered in the world?

  • What are some of the causes of their extinction?

  • What steps can be taken to stop illegal poaching and animal trade?

  • What are some of the ways to conserve endangered animals?

Animal Conservation

Animals are one of the important elements of natural environment. Animals play an important role in maintaining ecological balance. So, animal conservation is a need of the time. Animal conservation means protecting the endangered animals from being extinct and ensuring a safe and conducive environment for them. At present, many species of animals are in an endangered state. Many wild animals and birds such as pandas, bears, tigers, alligators, whales, wolves, eagles, falcons, kites, and buzzards, and living places. By the collection of eggs and above all by the widespread use of chemicals and pesticides which enter their food chain leading to sterility and mass death. Many dishonest men across the world are involved in animal trade. They kill many types of animals to collect their skin. Besides, many animals are killed for food, medicine, bone, etc. As a result, animals are victims of illegal poaching and trafficking. Another great cause of their extinction is climate change. Owing to climate change, the temperature of the world is rising. Consequently, many species of animals are being threatened with extinction. Increased temperature is destroying the abode and foods of many species of animals. In order to stop illegal poaching and animal trade, strict steps have to be taken by the authorities concerned. The criminals involved in illegal poaching and animal trade have to be brought under judgment and given punishment in an exemplary way. For this, creating mass awareness is essential. Some ways to conserve the endangered animals are passing and strictly enacting laws, creating awareness of the importance of animals in maintaining ecological balance and developing a concern and love for the wild creatures. Above all, we should have a determination to protect these wild species. We should save the earth’s wild creatures to save ourselves. To be kind to animals is to be kind to mankind.
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