Paragraph : Necessity of Education

Write a paragraph on ‘Necessity of Education’ in about 200 words.

Necessity of Education

Literally, education is a process of improving knowledge and developing skills. It is a process of teaching, training, and learning, especially in schools, colleges, and universities. Through formal learning at institutions, it develops a person’s mind and intellect and thus prepares him/her to meet the challenges of life. It helps develop a person physically, socially, mentally, and intellectually. It helps one meet challenges. The aim of education is to enlighten the individual. Even individual has some inner qualities. Education refines them properly. True education helps the individual take rational views of things and makes him/her tolerant of other’s views and opinions. Its purpose is to enable one to make the right choice so that one can go ahead. Education gives a man clear conscious view of his own opinions and judgments. An educated person is a resource and he can contribute to national development. On the contrary, an illiterate person is always considered a burden. Without education, the illiterate persons live in eternal darkness. They cannot judge anything properly. Because of their ignorance they can never become resourceful Education is the backbone of a country because it brings national prosperity. It makes the people responsible citizens. The students of a country have many duties to perform. They are the future leaders of a country. So, it is their duty to acquire knowledge properly and to build up their character. A nation can achieve prosperity it the people of that nation are educated. So, the government has to ensure proper education for all citizens of the country and only then we can prosper as a nation.
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