Paragraph : A Human and a Rorot

A Human and a Rorot

A Human and a robot have many similarities as well as dissimilarities. A robot is shaped like a man though it is run with battery or electric power. A robot has no brain or mind like man. It is a machine operated by inbuilt software or programme provided by manufacturer. A human being is controlled by natural intelligence while a robot is controlled by artificial intelligence. A robot now assumes or takes up the figure of a human being. It is furnished with artificial intelligence. Now, humanoid robots designed to look like humans can collaborate men in verious ways. The latest locomotion and technology is helping to speed up their development. Robots come in many shapes (আকার/কাঠামো) and sizes. But the most intriguing, endearing (মনোমুগ্ধকর) and acceptable are those resembling us, humans. Humanoid robots are used for research, space exploration (বিচরণ), personal assistance (সহযোগিতা) and protection, education and entertainment, search and rescue, manufacturing (উৎপাদন/তৈরি) and maintenance, public relations and health care. All these activities on the part of the robots are certainly wonderful. Now, robots work in banks, hospitals, educational institutions, hotels and restaurants, etc. They deal with and serve men like the humans. Sophia, a social humanoid developed by Hong Kong is certainly a wonderful thing. Taught by humans Sophia can move, talk, show some emotional expressions, draw picture and sing. These astonish us. Robots perform numerous works which are not possible for humans. But we are to realize that robots are the creation of man. Man can work intellectually and according to the demands of various situations but a robot works as it is taught or directed. A Robot works according to the wishes of man while a human works rationally and independently and being motivated (পরিচালিত) by his own intellect. A robot is a complicatedly (জটিলভাবে) designed artificial machine while a human is a living animal with flesh and blood. A human has unlimited possibility of being developed culturally and intellectually, which is impossible in case of robots as a robot’s development or sophistication is controlled by human beings. A human’s brain has in respect of performing some difficult tasks but robots will never be able to reach the position of a human blessed with intellect, rationality or conscience. In fine, robot is the creation of humans while a human is the creation of almighty Allah.
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