Application for holding text examination a week later

Write an application for holding the text examination a week later.

25 October 2021

The Principal
Sadarpur Govt. College.

Subject : Application for holding the test examination a week later.

With due respect we, the students of class XII of your college, beg to state that we are supposed to sit for our test examination on the coming 1st November 2021. But, it is a matter of concern (উদ্বেগ) that a devastating (প্রলয়ংকরী) cyclone has dealt a severe blow on the life and wealth of people. Our college building has also suffered tremendous damage. We, the students, have also undergone an unexpected (অপ্রত্যাশিত) disruption in our study. For that we are not yet well-prepared for our exam. In these circumstances, we think that a little change of schedule will be of much effect as to make our preparation better.

We, therefore, pray and hope that you would be kind and sympathetic enough to consider the entire situation and hold the text examination a week later.

Obediently yours

The students of Class XII
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