Paragraph : Influences of Western Culture

Influences of Western Culture

Culture is the way of living. It includes taste, tradition, mentality, variety of professions of a particular group of people or a community or a race. Culture is actually the attitude that a civilized man takes to life and expresses and imbibes through art, music, literature, etc. At present, there exists in the world two sharply distinguished (স্বতন্ত্র/আলাদা) cultures known as the Estern culture and the Western culture. Eastern culture is mainly based on religions like Islam, Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism. Eastern culture dominates (আধিপত্য করা) the countries like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, China, Myanmar, Japan, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and the Middle East. The Western culture is that of the USA, the UK, the European countries, Thailand, Singapore and so on. The Western Culture is an individually oriented culture based on the individual’s rights needs, privileges, attitudes and ways of life having more scientific and materialistic (বস্তুবাদী) notions. The people of Eastern culture are not accustomed (অভ্যস্ত) to western culture but the intrusion and influence of the Western culture cannot be denied. It finds its way into our homes through globalization and satellite TV channels. Our young generations are fond of Western culture, for they watch and enjoy violence, fighting, wrestling, boxing, band music, pop music, indecent (অশ্লীল/অশিষ্ট) dance sequences and obscene blue films on TV through the satellite channels. The influence of this culture upon them is palpably manifest (সুস্পষ্ট) in our familial and social scenario. More often than not, they neglect, hate and ignore our own culture and intend to live a Western life of sensual aptitude (প্রবণতা). But our sacred (পবিত্র) scriptures (ধর্মগ্রন্থসমূহ) have emphasized on the values of truth and work and moral virtues. We must not allow aggression of foreign culture and erosion of our own moral value system, at least for the sake of our own national identity. Of course, there are many good things in Western culture and we should pick and choose only those good things and enrich our own culture with them. In fact, we should resist the onslaught (প্রচণ্ড আক্রমণ) of the evil and collect ony the gems of the Western culture.
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