Letter to pen-friend describing your visit to zoo

Imagine, you are Ali. you have a non-Bangladeshi friend Newton who lives at 141/A Brook Lane, 11743, UK. Your friend wants to know about the Dhaka Zoo from you.

Now, write a letter to him describing your visit to the zoo.

51, Orphanage Road, Dhaka-1211
18 February 2020

My dear Newton,
I had your letter a few days ago. You wanted me to write about my visit to Dhaka Zoo. now, I am giving you an idea of the visit.

Last Friday I went to the Dhaka Zoo with some of my native friends. We bought entry tickets for which we had to stand in a big queue. But at last, we could enter an altogether new world.

First, we saw beautiful birds of various colours in a large enclosure. The birds were always chirping. We saw the peacock, spotted deer, monkeys, apes and many other funny animals. We saw elephant giving ride to the children. The elephants amused us by catching hold of coins with their trunks. We saw crocodiles, snakes, etc. at last, we saw lions, the Royal Bengal Tigers and some other wild animals.
No more today. If possible, once come to my country and see the Dhaka Zoo.

Yours ever,
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