Letter to friend accepting invitation

Imagine, you are Amin. You have a friend named Abir, Vill-Hasanpur, PO-Kumarkhali, Dist-Kushtia. Your friend has invited you to attend his sister’s marriage ceremony. 

Now, write a letter to him accepting his invitation.

Mandari, Lakshmipur
18 April 2020

Dear Abir,
Received your letter day before yesterday. Thank you so much for your kind invitation. It is indeed a piece of happy news for us that your elder sister is getting married.

Your elder sister Rekha Apu loves me from the core of her heart. I also regard her as my own sister. So, it will be a great pleasure for me to be able to attend her marriage ceremony. As such, I am glad enough to accept your invitation. I hereby do assure you of my presence. If required, I shall go to your house two days prior to the function.

Yours ever,
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