Letter to pen-friend about describing Pohela Boishakh

Imagine, you are Nehal/Neha of 9 Airport Road, Dhaka-1000. Recently you have celebrated Pahela Boishakh in your school.

Now, write a letter to your non-Bangladeshi friend Robert who lives at 9 Derriford Road, Bricklane, UK, telling him about the occasion.

9 Airport Road, Dhaka-1000,  Bangladesh 

20 April 2020
My dear Robert,
Hope you are well. I am also well. Now, I am writing to you about the celebration of Pahela Boishakh.
Recently we have celebrated Pahela Boishakh, the Bangla New Year’s Day at our school in a befitting manner. The day is a tradition of our Bangla culture. On this very day early in the morning people of all ages and religions assemble at a particular place wearing traditional dress and welcome the Bangla New Year through songs and music.

We, the students and the teachers of our school, also went to our campus wearing traditional dress and sang patriotic songs in chorus welcoming the new year. Then artists rendered folk and baul songs. After that we enjoyed batasha (cake of molasses) and khoi (parched rice). It was a special day to be remembered throughout life.

With love and good wishes,

Yours sincerely,


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