Paragraph : How to have a good command of the English Language

Write a paragraph about 'How to have a good command of the English Language' in about 150 words answering the following questions.
  1. Why do we learn English?
  2. How can you improve your vocabulary?
  3. How can a dictionary be useful for learning English?
  4. How does an English newspaper help you learn the English language?
  5. How can you improve your writing skill?

How to have a good command of the English Language

English is the most widely used language in the world. It is also the medium of different branches of knowledge. It is known as the international language. No other language in the world in the world is able to satisfy the demand of the people of the world as the English language does. Conceding the unique position of this language, we cannot but learn English. There are many ways and means to learn and attain a good command over English or any other languages. The best way to have command over English language is by using it in practical life situations. To make it more particular, it may be said that to attain mastery of English and to improve vocabulary, one has to converse in English, read English books, newspapers and magazines of different countries. This sort is very, very effective in learning English which helps have good command over English. A notebook may be kept available for all times so as to take down the new words. A dictionary is another helping factor in this case. Unless we know the meanings of the new words in a crystal-clear way, we can hardly understand any topic. An English newspaper is another powerful source of new words. By writing down daily activities and thoughts in a diary in English version, one can improve one/s writing skills. English plays a unique role in making friendship with the foreigners. No other language can be so effective and meaningful as English.
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