Paragraph : Floral Career

Write a paragraph about 'Floral Career' in about 150 words answering the following questions.
  1. How is the career of a florist?
  2. What qualities do you need to have for a florist’s job?
  3. How do most florist learn the trade?
  4. What is the extra advantage of a florist’s job?
  5. What can make a florist’s career successful?

Floral Career

The people who deal in flowers are called florists. Florists design and make up floral arrangements bouquets, wreaths and floral tributes. So, the career of a floral is no doubt creative but difficult. For a florist’s job we need to have some qualities. We should be creative and artistics, able to grasp the principles of colour, shape, design and display. Most florists learn the trade when they are directly involved in this profession only. By coming in touch with different types of customers they begin to learn how to approach with them. Florist’s job is not merely a money making job. It has other advantages too. Flowers are compared with heaven. So, flowers make the mind of a florist fresh. The fragrance of flowers helps purity our mental faculty. To be able to understand the priorities and needs of the different plants and flowers to be good at conveying ideas to customers, to be good at working with own hands; to be helpful, pleasant and tactful with customers and to be able to work under pressure especially at times such as Christmas, St Valentine’s Day, and other special festivals help one make a florist’s career successful. Thus floral career is undoubtedly a great career. Because it is considered not only as a job but also as a hobby.


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