Paragraph : Riding Apps

Write a paragraph about 'Riding Apps Or, Ride-Sharing Apps' in about 150 words answering the following questions.
  1. What is a ride-sharing app?
  2. Who did, at first, launch the riding apps?
  3. Who has first introduced riding apps in Bangladesh?
  4. How many riding apps are now available in Bangladesh?
  5. Who mostly uses riding apps in Bangladesh?
  6. What are the major reasons for taking the alternative riding options?

Riding Apps


Ride-Sharing Apps

Riding App is a kind of software that is used on smart phones to call for a vehicle or the riding services. Urban dwellers are nowadays using this app frequently. ‘Sidecar’ is the first riding app which was used and introduced in 2011 in San Francisco, USA. later, ‘Uber’ has become a famous ride-sharing app worldwide. With the introduction of ride-sharing companies in developed countries, Bangladeshi company ‘Pathao’ started a similar service in Dhaka in 2015. Next year, US company ‘Uber’ started its journey here, and ‘Obhai’, ‘Obon’, ‘Shohoz’ and ‘Lily’ followed. ‘Lily’ and ‘Obon’ are run exclusively by women. Actually, severe traffic jam, social insecurity and unsafe city roads, etc. have directly made people use the alternative riding options. According to the passengers, it is much easier, safer and time-saving to use the ride-sharing apps in Bangladeshi cities. As per Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA), there are 24 ride-sharing companies giving relief to thousands of city dwellers. In fine, we can say that ride-sharing apps have brought comfort to the commuters.
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