Paragraph : Odd/Unconventional Jobs

Write a paragraph about 'Odd/Unconventional Jobs' in about 150 words answering the following questions.
  1. What is unconventional job?
  2. Why do some people prefer unconventional job?
  3. Why are such kinds of jobs unconventional?
  4. Why are some people reluctant to unconventional jobs?
  5. How can we ensure dignity for the people who are engaged in unconventional jobs?

Odd/Unconventional Jobs

Unconventional jobs mean the jobs that require extraordinary tastes, skill, patience, attitude or mentality, bravery etc. Traditionally, people always look for jobs which earn them steady income, secured growth with social acceptance. But there are many people who prefer unconventional jobs to earn their living or owing to their unusual tastes and mentality for jobs. The people who prefer unconventional jobs may be very needy or willing to earn comparatively more money. Their tastes also agree with such jobs. Such kinds of jobs are unconventional because most of the people find them unconventional, difficult, strange or against their tastes. Picking up chewing gum left on a park bench, assessing the comfortability of a piece of furniture, constructing glass eyeballs, farming oysters in the middle of the ocean, stuffed animals, testing mountaineering equipment, saving sea turtles, developing fragrances etc. are unconventional jobs. Some people are reluctant to do unconventional jobs owing to the strange nature of these jobs. They find these jibs difficult, unconventional and against their tastes. However, there are numerous people who are engaged in unconventional jobs. We can ensure dignity for these people by changing our attitude to these unconventional jobs and widening our outlook. We should think that these jobs are very important for our comfortable and happy life.
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