Letter to friend describing the experience of taking food in a restaurant

Write a letter to your friend describing the experience of taking food in a restaurant.

12, Sagar Road,
Hazipara, Chittagong
12th January 2022

Dear Raj,
I have received your letter after a long gap. I am glad to know that you all are well by the grace of God. I would like to inform you about my experience of taking food in a restaurant.

The result of our annual examination was published a few days ago. We were then quite free. In the mean time, one of my classmates invited us to have a lunch at a famous restaurant. Accordingly, we reached that restaurant in a fixed time. Entering into the restaurant, we found that the environment in the restaurant was beautiful. The restaurant was well furnished and ventilated. The waiters were well behaved and polite natured. They brought the food menu. There were Chicken biriyani, Mutton biriyani, Kacchi biriyani, Plain rich, Some fish, Hilsha fish, Chicken curry, Mixed vegetables, Potato curry etc. in the menu. We took chicken biriyani. It was very tasty and we also had a cold drink. After that I was surrprised to see the bill of fare. It was much higher than I had anticipated. However, I had to pay take 700 for a simple dinner. Yet our enjoyment at that restaurant was unforgettable.

No more today. I look forward to receiving your letter.

With best wishes.

Your loving friend,
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