Paragraph : Health Awareness during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Health Awareness during the COVID-19 Pandemic

A pandemic is a worldwide spread of new disease. COVID-19 pandemic has been troubling human civilization from the first half of 2020. The normal lifestyle and economy have faced a serious crisis due to this pandemic. During this entire time, the healthcare department of different countries and WHO are trying to raise awareness of the mass about the rules of health to minimize the risk of infection. Washing hands with soap and water frequently, not touching the face with unclean hands, covering the face with elbow or tissue papers while coughing and sneezing, wearing a face mask while in public, and keeping at least three feet distance from others may help reduce the risk of infection. Personal hygiene and social distancing have been being suggested by the health department to keep the disease to a minimum level. Almost all the countries have practised partial or complete lockdown in different phases to control the spread. However, recently many countries have started the usual ways of a busy working life. Millions of people have gone back to work, and wearing a face mask constantly in public is being considered as an effective measure to stay safe from the disease. Wearing a mask cannot guarantee complete safety, but it surely help contain the virus from getting out from an affected person. Hence it helps minimize the rate of spread. The government, media even the eucated sectors of any country should raise awareness about the importance of following the rules of health so that we can fight against this deadliest virus.
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