Letter as reply of invitation to spend summer vacation with friend and friend's family

Imagine, you are Nabil/Nabila of 9 Panthapath, Dhaka-1000. Recently your friend Rita who lives at 9 Boropukur Road, Rajshahi, has invited you to spend your summer vacation with her and her family. 

Now, write a reply telling her why you would not be able to go.

9 Panthapath Road, Dhaka-1000
8 May 2020

Dear Rita,
I received your letter in time. But I was very busy with the preparation for my examination. So, I could not reply in due time. In the letter, you have said that you want me to spend the coming summer vacation with you at your village home. It had been a great pleasure for me if I could have availed myself of the opportunity. But I am very sorry to let you know that I have no scope to go to your village home this time.

I am very much burdened with family affairs. My grandmother is seriously ill. She has come to get her treatment here. She needs all time care and nursing. It is I who am looking after her. My only brother is not present. He has gone to Chattogram to see my aunty who has been bed-ridden for a long time. My elder sister Nahida is very busy with her ensuing HSC Examination, so is my father with his business. None is here to help my mother in doing household chores. I am now free from my study but I have to stay at home and do these duties.

Rita, don’t mind. I shall be highly glad if you come to my village during the coming summer vacation.
With best of luck and good wishes.

Yours ever,
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