Letter to sibling introducing your friend and telling her what you have sent

Imagine, you are Nabil/Nabila of 9 Jashimuddin Road, Dhaka-1000. Your younger sister is in Mymensingh Girls’ Cadet College. You have sent something for your sister with one of your friends who lives in Mymensingh and was going home for a couple of days.

Now, write a letter to your younger sister introducing your friend and telling her what you have sent.

9 Jashimuddin Road, Dhaka-1000
6 May 2020

Dear Neela,
How are you? I think you are in good health. I have come to know from your letter that your 1st Terminal Examination will start soon. So, you are not coming home shortly. You are alone in your hostel. I feel much for you. But I have nothing to do but advise you to get well prepared for the upcoming examination. The bearer of this letter is one of my close friends. Her name is Nilufar. She lives in Mymensingh. She came to me yesterday and told me that she was going home for a couple of days. Nilufar is tall, fair with curly black hair. The most noticeable characteristic of her face is her eyes. She has got dark brown eyes. She smiles a lot and a dimple on her left cheek appears as she smiles. I have cooked some delicious food at home. I have sent to her for you. I have also sent a sum of taka five hundred for you with her. I have told her about you. She will directly go to you and hand over the things that I have sent for you.

With best love and best wishes for you.

Your loving elder sister,
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