Letter to friend to invite in your family picnic

Imagine, you are Masud of 9 Mymensingh Road, Dhaka-1000 and it is your winter vacation. Your family has planned to go for a picnic. You want some of your friends to join you.

Now, write a letter inviting your friend Karim, who lives at 77/2 Becharam Road, Chattogram.

9, Mymensingh Road, Dhaka-1000
5 January 2020

Dear Karim,
My family is going for a picnic on Sunday, 18 January. Our picnic spot this year is Bhawal National Park. We have reserved a cottage and most of our preparations are over. Salam, Russel, Kamrul and some other friends have agreed to go with me.

Kanak, Salam, Russel, Nipa and Jahangir have taken great interest in organizing this picnic. We will go to the picnic spot by bus. A bus has already been hired. We will take musical instruments and things for playing cricket. The cooking will be done by my mother. I shall help her. I shall manage and arrange the meal. The menu consists of some delicious items of food, fruit and drink. I am sure you will join us in this picnic as you did in the previous years. So, please come to my house on 17 January.

We expect you to be with us without fail.

Yours ever,
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