Letter to friend how he adjust new place and new food at abroad

Imagine that one of your school friends is in England for six months. S/he is having some troubles with the new place and the new food.

Write a letter advising him/her on how to adjust himself/herself to the new place and the new food.

R. N.- 8/A, H. N.-116
Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka
4 February 2020

My dear Jisan,
Hope and trust this finds you hale and hearty. I had a letter from you yesterday and came to learn your latest information.

You are now in England. You have been there for about six months. England is a new place to you. You have never been there before. So, you may face some problems there. You are having the troubles with the new place and new food. The culture there is quite new to you. The eating habits are different too. The way we eat is not the same. The people of England don’t use hands in eating. They use forks and spoons. You may face problems in eating food in any hotel or restaurant. The movement in the street is also very difficult. People strictly abide by the traffic rules. You can’t move freely as you are in the habit of moving in your own country. So, I would like to advise you to adjust yourself to this new situation. First of all, you are advised to find out a Bangladeshi national who can help you in eating and going around. I think you will need a few days to adjust yourself there. Secondly, you should try to observe how the people move in the street in cars or vehicles and eat in the hotel and restaurant. If you do so, everything will become easy for you there.

I am well. Do write to me back when you have some time. Don’t worry. Everything will be alright. No more now. With the best of luck.

Yours ever,


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