Letter to pen-friend about problems you facing that your house is full of guests when your exam is knocking

Imagine, you are Nirob/Nila of 9 Pyaridas Road, Dhaka-1000. Your exam is knocking at the door but your house is full of guests who have come to stay with you for two weeks.

Now, write a letter to your non-Bangladeshi friend Robert who lives at 9 Derriford Road, Plymouth PLGS BH, the UK, telling him about the problems you are facing.

9 Pyaridas Road, Dhaka-1000
6 January 2020

Dear Robert,
Take my love. I hope that you are well by the grace of God. However, my SSC Exam is very near. Suddenly, two days ago some relatives came to our house from our native village. They will stay for two weeks. They are six in numbers, three children, two young men and an old man. There are 4 rooms of medium size in our house and we are five members. The guests have occupied two rooms. So, we have to face many acute problems, specially accommodation problem. I have to sleep on the floor and the environment of my house is not favourable for my proper study. Thus, my most valuable time is being wasted and this is a great loss for me.

No more today. Pray for me so that I can make good this loss and do well in my coming exam.

Yours ever,
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