Letter to pen-friend about thing that you like to do

Imagine, you are Sakil/Sakila of 10 Uttara Road, Dhaka-1000. Recently you received a letter from your non-Bangladeshi friend Robert who lives at 9 Derriford Road, Leedshire, the UK, asking you to tell him about the things that you like to do.

Now, write a letter telling him about it.

10 Uttara Road, Dhaka, Bangladesh
20 February 2020

My dear Robert,
I am very glad to receive your letter. In this letter, you have expressed your desire to know the things I like to do. Now, I am writing to you about it.

I like gardening, walking, shopping, playing chess, reading and of course watching television. I get up from bed very early in the morning and go out for a walk in the field. It gives me a good appetite and keeps me fit. I have planted some flowers and vegetables in tubs on the roof of the house. I like to take care of them. I like to go out for shopping with my father, mother or some members of the family. This gives me a chance to see different people. In leisure time, I play chess with my friends or read books on different subjects. Finally, I like to watch television. The Discovery, Animal Planet and the National Geographic are my favourite channels. These channels give me joy and knowledge about different countries and people and animals. All these I do in my leisure time. So, they do not hamper my studies.

No more today.

With love,
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