Composition : Integrity


Integrity indicates the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. A person who can understand the difference between good and bad and make the right choice even if he is in a favorable position to make any decision is integral. A person that has integrity will act and behave properly.

The basic characteristics of a person are the power to stand, confront, and tell the truth in all conditions. We face different choices every day and make different decisions. Integrity is how we decide to live and lead our lives without harming others’ interests.

There are mainly two types of integrity. They are academic and professional. Both of them are equally important to lead a valuable life.

Academic integrity refers to the ethical policies in the academic world followed by all members. Academic integrity is important to lay down a good foundation for the student. Basic things like doing homework, writing papers, not cheating on home tests, and doing every work ethically are the building blocks of academic integrity.

Professional integrity is when a person adopts his values and integrity to his chosen profession and job. Integrity is one of the essential values which an employer always seeks in his employees. Characteristics like behaving morally with co-workers, superiors, and all other stakeholders of the organization are the basis of professional integrity. Integrity in a workplace promotes a positive environment that encourages higher productivity.

Integrity is a value that everyone should strive for. Honesty, morality, virtue, freedom, etc are the values that we gather to build our personality. These values construct positive traits in a person that leads to the development of integrity. These values should be imbibed in a child’s mind from the very beginning by the parents.

These strong traits attract other people and make a person beloved to all. It is like a superpower that comes with immense responsibilities. We all should develop integrity and make ourselves stronger.
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