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Save Electricity

Electricity is one of the best gifts of science. It is an essential resource for living life, especially for 21st-century people. Life without electricity would be impossible to imagine nowadays. Due to the huge demand for electricity worldwide, it has become hard to produce and provide it to everyone.

The modern world without electricity is impossible now and it is needed in every sphere of life. We need it to lead a comfortable life. So the demand for power is directly correlated with population and economic growth. 

Radio, television, cooler, heater, washing machine, air conditioners, etc all depend on electricity. Electricity has brought a great revolution in the field of medical science. Electricity has changed the way of farming. Without electricity, we cannot imagine industrial growth. Various means of transportation depend on electricity only.  Electricity boosts our modern life and helps in making it civilized.
Electricity is generated by using coal, natural gas, nuclear energy, wind, solar energy, etc. Most of them are non-renewable resources that have limited reserves and it will take millions of years to replenish these reserves.

There are many different ways in which we can save electricity. We can unplug computers, turning off televisions, fans, and lights when not in use. Solar panels can be planted to reduce the consumption of electricity. We can use more natural light. In the daytime instead of switching on lights and fans, we can keep our windows open to get natural light and air. Thus a small step will go a very long way in saving electricity.

Electricity is the backbone of modern society. It serves mankind greatly. So we must stop the wastage of power. The world will lose its light if there is no electricity. Alternative sources of electricity should be explored to meet the gap between its demand and supply. We should realize the importance of electricity to save ourselves from the darkness. We should take every step to conserve sources of electricity for future generations.
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