Letter to friend describing experience about debate competition at BTV

Imagine, you have attended a debate competition organized by the Bangladesh Debate Association held at Bangladesh Television Bhaban.

Now, write a letter to one of your friends describing your experience about it.

14 February 2020

My dear Mamun,
I am very glad to receive your letter. In your letter you wanted to know about my experience of attending the debate competition, which I could not write you earlier. Now, I am going to describe it in brief.

I, along with the three other members of the debate team, started for Dhaka on 10 February 2020 by bus. We reached there in the evening. The next day we reached Rampura BTV Bhaban at 9 am. After some formalities, we were allowed to enter their auditorium where recording was to be held. Our opponent team was Motijheel Govt. Boys’ High School. The debate topic was ‘’Bangladesh is just on the verge of a great natural disaster’’. We were against the motion. At first, one member of the opponent team put forward his points and one of our members answered his questions. I was the team leader. So, I got on the stage at last and firmly put my points before them. At last the judges who were from some private universities submitted their marks and we became champion. The whole programme was recorded by the BTV and was later broadcast. If was such a great experience of my life that I shall never forget it.

No more today. Please convey my regards to your parents and lots of love to youngsters.

Yours ever,
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