Letter to friend describing river journey that you recently have made

Imagine, you are Alok. recently you have made a river journey with your friends.

Now, write a letter to your friend describing it.

Kalkini, Madaripur
22 July 2020

Dear Nira,
Your letter is just to hand. I’m happy to know that you are all well by the grace of the Almighty. You have wanted to know about the journey by boat I have made recently. Well, I’m writing to you in brief about it.

During the last Durga puja vacation, I along with some of my village friends decided to make a river journey from Kalkini to Madaripur Sadar. We started at 8 am for the destination which is six miles away from my house. Our hired boat was a small one. The boatman set sail as the wind was favourable. The weather was nice. We enjoyed the charming sights of both the sides of the river. There were corn-fields, green, trees, huts and other charming things on both sides of the river. Many boys were jumping and swimming in the river. Housewives were carrying water from the river. Fishermen were fishing. All these sights gave us much pleasure. We reached our destination at noon. We got down from the boat and visited the place. Then we came back to the boat and enjoyed our cooked meal. In the afternoon, we began our return journey. We reached home before sunset. The journey was really a pleasant one. It will remain ever fresh in my mind.

No more today. With best wishes.

Yours ever,
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