Letter to friend describing experience of taking food in Chinese restaurant

Imagine, you are Mithun of 84/B Dhanmondi, Road No 27, Dhaka-1207. Recently you look supper in a Chinese restaurant.

Now, write a letter to your village friend Shakil who lives in Village-Kathulia, P.O.-Kalakhali, District-Pirojpur describing your experience of taking food in a Chinese restaurant.

84/B Dhanmondi, Dhaka
25 January 2020

My dear Shakil,
Received your letter last week. As I was highly busy with my examination, I could hardly manage time to reply to your letter, and I am sorry for it. Now, I am giving a short description of my taking food in a Chinese restaurant.

I together with some of my intimate friends went to Midnight Sun, a famous Chinese restaurant in Dhanmondi. The environment of the restaurant was very fine. There were dim light, charming pictures of different cultures hanging on the wall, well arranged chairs and tables, music of different languages in low sound and whatnot. The persons visiting the restaurant were discussing various topics. I took my seat in the corner so that I could see everything. The waiter in special uniform came with a catalogue. We chose chicken fry, rice, vegetables, drinks, etc. The food items were delicious enough and we enjoyed them. The waiter served us the bill. We paid the bill and came back to my house.

No more today. I am eagerly waiting for your letter.

Yours affectionately.
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