Paragraph : Ama Divers

Write a paragraph about 'Ama Divers' in about 150 words answering the following questions.
  1. What does the word "Ama" mean?
  2. Where do the Ama divers live in?
  3. What techniques and skills do the Ama divers use in diving?
  4. How deep can the Ama divers go down into the sea?
  5. Why are the Ama divers amazing?
  6. What is the future of Ama diving?

Ama Divers

In the world, we see people of various natures, occupations and colours. One amazing group of women are Ama divers. They live in some fishing villages along the coast of Japan. These women worked and still earn their living working as Ama. Ama means 'women of the sea' or sea women. The Ama divers use their own techniques and skills. They use that skill and technique to push themselves down to the bottom of the sea and back to the surface again. They can hold their breath for up to two minutes. Careful watching, lung capacity and hunting instincts are the special qualities of Ama divers. Ama divers can go down to the depth of 25 metres into the sea. And they dive without using oxygen tanks or other breathing equipments. So the Ama divers are amazing. But the number of Ama divers is decreasing with the passing of time. The remaining Ama divers are now aged between 50 and 60. But there are still some who continue to dive even in their 70s. If the young people do not take up Ama diving, soon this profession will die out.
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