Paragraph : Floating Market

Write a paragraph about 'Floating Market' in about 150 words answering the following questions.
  1. What is floating market?
  2. Who does the major activities in a floating market?
  3. Where is this type of market seen?
  4. Who visited the Tha Kha floating market?
  5. What did they see there?
  6. How are the Tha Kha people?

Floating Market

Floating market is a type of market which is run on boats floating on the canals or small rivers. Both the buyers and sellers move on the boats and do their buying or selling activities. This type of market is generally seen in the riverine countries. Mita, Zara, Jhuma Islam and Mazharul Islam visited the Tha Kha floating market. It is a traditional market. They saw boats everywhere. The sellers were mainly elderly Thai women. Their boats were laden with bundles of lotus flowers, farm-fresh coconuts, fruits, vegetables, local food and delicious sweets. Here the buyers are to hire the boats. The sellers and buyers rowed their boats slowly and thus carried on their selling-buying activities. The Tha Kha people are simple and easy-going. They are friendly and polite. They welcome the visitors with amiable smile. Mita and her companions enjoyed some delicious food items here. It was a wonder to them.
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