Composition : Importance of Communication

Importance of Communication

Communication is one of the important tools that help us to connect with people. Proper communication can help us to solve a number of problems. We must know how to communicate well and for that, we need the correct guidance and self-analysis.

In the past, communication meant conversations about feelings, emotions, views, and ideas. But now it means to communicate with others through the internet and technology.

Nowadays, smartphones have many facilities including cameras that make it easier to communicate via video calls and conference calls between a group. There are also social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc for business and personal communication as well.

Communication allows us to get the trust of the people and at the same time carry better opportunities before us. When there is good communication practice there are no misunderstandings and people find it easier to trust others.

In organizations, communication is an endless process of giving and receiving information and building social relationships. Powerful communication is the strength of any organization and can help it in many ways.

Communication can aid students to build a relationship with their classmates and teachers. Decision-making becomes easier through communication as everyone can contribute their own ideas and brainstorming also can be fun and creative.

When one can communicate between themselves well enough then they earn the respect of others and by this healthy relationships can be formed. 

Communication is one of the greatest weapons these days. Good communication can help one save time and energy. It is important to share one’s thoughts and feelings to live a happy life.
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