Composition : Secularism


Secularism refers to maintaining neutrality in matters of religion. In a secular country, none can legally favour or hate a particular religion. Individuals living in a country are free to follow and practice their religion.

Secularism implies expanding individualism and liberalism. It means the separation of religion from political, economic, social, and cultural aspects of life. Religion is a personal matter. A secular country doesn't discriminate and partiality on grounds of religion.

The main motive behind introducing secularism is to make sure that all the communities could exist in harmony and peace. People who didn’t want to follow a particular religion would also live in the country peacefully.

Living in a secular country has several benefits. Religious freedom is one of them.No religious community can put pressure on the state to make decisions in their favour. The ideology of secularism also allows people to express their opinions freely.

The fair execution of secularism is not an easy job.No state can be truly secular. Secularism has to be implemented equally to all the people. Each individual should be careful about this ideology, regardless of gender, religion, majority or minority status, etc.

Secularism is a beautiful concept. The young generation must be encouraged to practice it for peaceful coexistence. People should study secularism and strive to have a better life.
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