Composition : Conservation of Nature

Conservation of Nature

Conservation of nature has a straightforward meaning of preservation and protection of nature. Nature is the best friend of humans. It has blessed us with a variety of things like air, water, land, shelter, oxygen, sunlight, minerals, plants, etc. Living on earth would not be possible without any of these. But unfortunately, the necessity of most of these has increased extremely over the centuries due to the growth of the population.

Conservation of nature means the preservation of all the elements of nature and making sure that all these continue to be available in abundance. It is essential to conserve these resources in order to retain the environment integral.

There are two types of natural resources. Which are renewable and nonrenewable natural resources. Renewable natural resources are those which can be reformed after use like solar, wind, water, etc.

On the other hand, non-renewable are those which cannot be reformed easily. Non-renewable resources like fuels, petrol, carbon, etc are available in specific quantities.

Many of the natural resources are being used at a faster rate as compared to their speed of production. So, there is a necessity for the conservation of nature.

Water is available in abundance on earth. This is one of the reasons people do not consider much before using it. But there are so many places on earth where people can't even find water to drink. So, we should think twice before using it unnecessarily.

Trees are one of the important elements of nature. Paper manufacturing depends only on trees. Increasing the use of paper means encouraging deforestation. As a result, the number of trees is decreasing and air pollution is increasing day by day which is another important element of nature. If this continues it will definitely harm our nature. 

Spreading awareness about the conservation of nature is a must. It can be achieved only when more and more people will understand its importance. Everyone should plant more and more trees. It is necessary to contribute to lowering air pollution. We must employ rainwater harvesting systems to conserve nature.

Nature comprises everything that surrounds us. We should Keep nature and its resources integral. It would be difficult to lead a life in a spoiled natural environment. So we should take appropriate steps to conserve nature. Only human beings can conserve nature in its purest forms.
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