Composition : Man vs Machine

Man vs Machine

Man and machine have had a long-standing relationship for the last several centuries. Human beings and machines are totally different as machines are created by humans. Machines are created to make human life easier. When it comes to machines vs humans then there are some people who believe the machine is more efficient than humans.

Humans are creative, imaginative, and innovative. They have life, emotions, and feelings. They have the capability of responding to different situations in accordance. While machines work with their mechanical brain and don’t have the capability of understanding.

Humans can create and invent new things but machines cannot do such types of work. Machines are operated and guided by humans.

Technology and machines have certain advantages. We are surrounded by different machines like TV, computer, calculator, refrigerators, music systems, microwaves, cars, home theatres, washing machines, etc. These machines work effortlessly and more efficiently than humans.

The invention of tools is helping agriculturalists to increase the production of crops. Computers have a memory to save a large amount of information. Easy communication is possible with the help of cell phones. One can travel at super fast speed anywhere by the transport facilities. Research and sharing opinions from anywhere in the world has become much easier.

Although the advent of machines is making life more comfortable, it is harming humans and the environment. Machines and technology are replacing manpower for certain jobs. This is the big reason for the unemployment problem.

Increasing use of vehicles has increased air pollution that is damaging the environment. The radiation released from smartphones and microwaves is absorbed by human bodies which can cause tumours. Machines are also responsible for the extinction of several birds, plants, and animal species due to the changes in climate.

Machines have become a very important part of our lives.
But, machines are not influenced by feelings or emotions like humans. It has a negative impact. We should monitor our growing dependence on machines. We should not become the slaves of our creation. There is no competition between humans and machines because humans are the creators of machines.
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