Composition : Procrastination


Procrastinating is the habit of delaying any activity until a later date. Procrastinating is one of the worst habits of a person. Life is not certain. Circumstances may change and one may not be able to do the work at all. So, we should do our work on time.

Procrastination is not a rare phenomenon. Almost everyone is guilty of it. Time is our most precious commodity. Yet we waste this precious resource.

The reasons for procrastinating depend on person-to-person and situation-to-situation.One of the major reasons for procrastinating is slothfulness. When a person starts fearing the outcome of a task, he tends to procrastinate.

Other factors for procrastinating work are low self-esteem, distraction, laziness, low energy levels, lack of focus and determination, high impulsiveness, etc.

Procrastination is harmful in various ways. It is a natural fault of a person. It maintains tension in the mind. Excessive procrastination can disrupt our life and cause us to lose control of our schedules and deadlines.

To avoid procrastinating we must shake off slothfulness altogether. We should understand the value of time. If the value of time is descended deep into our minds, sloth will disappear.

One way to stop procrastinating is to break down the huge task into little steps. If the task is broken down, then we can tackle it one step at a time.

Changing our work environment is also beneficial. It can provide us with the boost necessary to stop procrastinating and finish the task.

The main thing is not to blame ourselves for procrastinating sometimes. We are all victims of procrastination from time to time. When it happens we should not derail our entire schedule. We should give ourselves a break and get back to work.
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