Composition : Unity is Strength

Unity is Strength

A man cannot fight alone with all the difficulties and obstacles that happen. With the help of others, he can overcome them. And this is the real meaning of the proverb ‘unity is strength’.

In the present day, there is competition everywhere. Everyone is trying to apply his method to reach the top. They remain busy with themselves and can’t understand the importance of the proverb ‘unity is strength’.This proverb actually teaches the importance of unity in life. 

The value of unity is realized in every walk of life. So long as the members of a family work together everything goes on well with it but when they quarrel, it goes to ruin. History also gives us many examples of unity.

People nowadays are so blinded by their success. They get into professional rivalries with each other and don't help each other. When they go against their teammates and start to compete with them, then people from another team benefit from the situation. So, unity is important in the working place also.

The societies and localities where people stay united are loved by everyone. People living in society meet and greet their neighbours and help each other in crisis. They also celebrate every function together. In the present world, many people are suffering from loneliness, these types of neighbourhoods can be a boon for them. 

Nations around the world are busy fighting each other to prove their position. Every nation has nuclear weapons and many terrorist organizations have been formed. But this can’t be the way of betterment. If we stop all these kinds of malpractices then the world will become a much better place to live.

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