Paragraph : Premature Marriage

Premature Marriage

Premature marriage means a wedding between a young boy and a young girl before they are mature. It is also known as 'child marriage'. According to WHO the fixed age limit of marriage is 21 for the male and 18 for the female. Any marriage before these figures of age may be considered premature marriage. In Bangladesh, the girls of villages and poor families are victims of premature marriage. There are various causes of premature marriage such as poverty, ignorance, superstition and so on. In our country, the girls have to suffer more than the boys as a result of premature marriage. Due to heinous poverty, most of our village people cannot receive education which results in ignorance. Superstition has upgraded the number of premature marriages. Premature marriage often creates different problems in the society. Immature males and females cannot adjust (মানিয়ে নেওয়া) themselves to the marital (বৈবাহিক) life. Immature (অপরিপক্ক) male counterparts usually do not have any income source and being a mother during childhood period a female cannot play the role (ভূমিকা) of a real mother as she is married before having any motherly (মাতৃসুলভ) experience. Moreover, she is attacked with diseases due to malnutrition. To solve this problem, premature marriage must be stopped. For this law must be enforced (বলবৎ করা) strictly (কঠোরভাবে). Education must be compulsory for both male and female children. Public awareness must be created in this regard.
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