Paragraph : A Journey by Plane

A Journey by Plane

A journey made by a plane is called a journey by plane. It is highly pleasing and thrilling. It offers great pleasure to everyone. Last month, I got a golden opportunity to make a journey by plane. It was Friday on the month of December. We boarded a Nepal bound plane. The plane started at 5 a.m. with a jerk. At first I got nervous. My brother who was with me encouraged me. As soon as it soared up, I got thrilled. I felt I was going into the vast horizon of the sky. Looking out through the window, I enjoyed the clouds. We were gradually soaring. I looked below. I saw people, trees, etc becoming smaller and smaller. The roads seemed like small rows of threads. The houses and buildings appeared to be huddled together and looked like tiny match-boxes. Our plane passed over fields, meadows, rivers and towns. It flew at a height of about 5000 ft. After about 7 hours, I perceived our plane slowed down. Gradually it landed on the Katmandu AirPort. We got down from the plane with a joyous heart. This journey made a great impression on my mind. I will never forget this happy journey in my life.
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